Washington Lodge

Chartered in 1796
By Paul Revere

Freemasonry is synonymous with history!  And Washington Lodge is the epitome of that truth.  Not only did Paul Revere sign our charter, but he actually crafted the original jewels worn by our original officers as well.  Now the jewels alone would be impressive enough, but we still have the original receipt, signed by Paul Revere himself!  The back ground image of this page is the receipt itself.

The Men
Behind the Symbols

The history of Freemasonry does not stop with beautifully crafted silver, or even with famous historical figures (who were also brothers by the way).  The fact of the matter is that the history of Freemasonry is still being written.  By men like you, who reached out to a friend (or even a stranger) and asked what it took to be a Freemason.

And the answer to that question, has not changed in 276 years, “To be one, ASK one!”

So, if you want a brotherhood of like minded men that stretches across the entire world, ASK! If you want to serve your community and be provided with tremendous opportunities to practice charity, ASK!  If you want an opportunity to grow as a man, a father, and a human being, ASK!

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