Washington Lodge

Master's Message
Dear Brethren,

I hope you are all enjoying this unusually warm weather.

I am always amazed at the willingness from our brethren to help in any way they can. When called upon, our brothers are always there. This past Saturday a group of Washington Lodge Brethren gathered at the lodge to clean up our regalia and storage rooms. This was long overdue indeed. Thank you so much to the brethren who showed up to help. Also a special thank-you to Wor. Steve Sacco for spearheading the effort.

As you know, there will be a workshop for exemplification this Saturday, March 4 at 8:00 AM in Natick. Please, make sure to attend. If you need more information on this please contact me directly or Wor. Lee Walus. The exemplification itself will take place on Wednesday, April 26 at Corinthian Lodge and will be on the Third Degree. During our upcoming communication on Wednesday we will have a Third Degree in preparation for the exemplification. We will go through the entire degree. We will need ALL of the officers present so that we can refine our ritual work. Wor. Hal Sargent has agreed to be our “dummy candidate” for this. Our Lodge is known for its excellent ritual work. We want to continue that tradition.

I am looking forward to seeing you in Lodge. Fraternally,

Master, Washington Lodge